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Are you looking for the best Insta Booster alternative? Discover why Follower Boost is the best alternative and how you can build a real audience on Instagram, effortlessly.

10-day Free Trial Period
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Why Follower Boost is the best Insta Booster alternative šŸ‘‡

TL/DR: Follower Boost comes with a 10-day free trial period and a 30-day no asked questions money-back guarantee so you can taste before committing to a monthly subscription. With Follower Boost you can control in real-time the speed of the actions and manage several accounts at the same time with an Agency plan. We don't offer you to buy followers as a side business, we discourage the purchase of followers since is a loss of time and money for you.

Trial Period

Trial period matters. We want you to taste the value of the platform before committing to a monthly subscription, that's why we offer a 10-day free trial period instead of a 3-day that Insta Booster offers.

Money-back guarantee

Didn't you find the value behind Follower Boost, we will refund the amount for any bill generated in the last 30-days. That's it. We won't ask you any questions. We want happy customers!

Instagress alternative

Agency Plans

Follower Boost has plans for entrepreneurs, creators, and agencies that want to grow their customerā€™s Instagram accounts with real and organic followers. Pick the best plan that suits your needs.

Selling followers šŸ¤”

We know that buying followers is a waste of your time and money. Purchased followers won't interact with your posts, won't be interested in your product/service, and will be a waste of your money. That's why we believe in our Instagram growth service and we don't offer to sell you followers.

Updated platform

Instagram is constantly making changes to discourage tools and extensions like Insta Booster and Follower Boost. That's why we know that be on top of the business is a key priority for success. The marketing Insta Booster website it's outdated and some of the website sections are broken.

How it works

You are just a few simple steps closer to gaining real and organic Instagram followers than ever before. The setup process won't take more than 1 minute.

Chrome Extension
Follower Boost is a Google Chrome Extension, you'll need Google Chrome and our extension installed.
Instagram Account
Get a license key and connect securely to your Instagram account to start growing your audience.
Indicate Account to Scan Let the platform know the Instagram account of a competitor or leader of your industry.
Start Attracting Followers Follower Boost will follow between 50 to 100 accounts per day and do the cleanup automatically.
See the growth, followed, followers, and the follow-back ratio of your account.
They trusted Follower Boost instead of Insta Booster

These are some of the marketers already reaping the rewards of our Instagram followers app and saving precious time while growing their Instagram with real and organic followers.

"Follower Boost is the first Instagram growth service that comes to my mind when a client asks me how to grow an instagram account fast."

SebastiƔn Cardozo

Founder of Nicho SEO

"With Follower Boost we were highly surprised; we managed to make our brand visible and we reached the audience we wanted."

MartĆ­n Lockhart

Creator Retro Games

"Thanks to Follower Boost we are giving a massive boost to our clients' Instagram accounts. A total game-changer to get real Instagram followers."

SebastiƔn Ɓlvarez

Founder Noventaynueve Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my payment subscription anytime?

Yes you can. All of our plans are on a monthly basis and pay as you go. Cancel anytime, no long term commitments.

Do you gain real followers for my account?

100% real. Follower Boost doesn't buy followers, it earns them!

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Sure. If you are not happy in the first 30-days we'll give you a 100% refund. No tricks or gimmicks, we want you to be a happy customer.

If I cancel my plan, will I lose my followers?

No! Your followers are yours. They will remain following you until they lose interest in your account. The best investment you can make after configuring Follower Boost is content and engagement.

Can I upgrade or downgrade in the middle of a billing cycle?

Yes you can. Change the plan whenever you want, if you already made a payment for the current billing cycle your payment will be automatically balanced.

Is my Instagram account secure with your service?

Yes it is. The key difference of followerboost is that simulates human behavior directly from your browser. We won't surpass Instagram limits with your account.

Do you plan to use my data for your benefit?

No, definitely not! We won't use your data for any purpose other than helping you grow your audience.

Is your platform GDPR complaint?

Yes, it is! If you want to know more check our privacy policy.

Do you know, store, save or share my credentials?

No we don't. We don't interact with your credentials.

Is your extension secure?

Yes, it is! It's hosted directly on the Chrome Web Store and complies with their regulations.

Any doubts or more questions? Visit our Help Center.