Organic Instagram Growth: 11 Strategies Working on 2023

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organic instagram growth

In an age where engagement speaks volumes, organic Instagram growth has emerged as a tour-de-force in social media strategy.

No longer viewed as an option, it has become a necessity for brands and individuals wishing to elevate their online visibility and engender genuine connections with their audience.

This article elucidates the top 10 strategies for nurturing this natural progression, ensuring meaningful interactions that outlast fleeting trends and algorithms.

With a firm emphasis on quality, consistency, and authentic engagement, these methods delve deeper than typical ‘growth hacks’, offering invaluable tools to harness the true potential of Instagram’s dynamic platform.

1. Optimize Your Profile for Instagram SEO

To make your Instagram page discoverable, implement robust Instagram Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices and make your profile optimized.

Your profile acts as your brand’s homepage, hence, it needs to attract, captivate, and tell your audience why they should engage.

Firstly, keep a use-friendly and easily searchable Instagram handle, that aligns with your brand’s name or main products.

Secondly, integrate primary keywords in your bio to leverage Instagram’s search function, just as Luiz Centenaro, SEO consultant suggests, “Instagram’s search function is based on usernames, bios, and the names of your photo albums.” Lastly, generate a powerful, concise bio that communicates who you are and what you offer, completed with a call-to-action that prompts visitors to engage.

Peppering your bio with emojis can also improve readability.

By rightly optimizing your profile, you are in a better position to gain organic follower growth reliably and sustainably.

2. Craft Compelling Content Consistently

Crafting compelling content consistently is the bedrock of organic Instagram growth.

It’s not just about posting regularly – it’s about delivering quality that your audience can depend on.

Start by understanding who your followers are and what they like.

Use this understanding to create high-quality posts that appeal directly to them.

Then, post consistently, not sporadically.

Consumers appreciate consistency as it shows a level of professionalism and dedication.

Leverage the power of Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV to deliver diverse content types.

Instagram’s algorithm favors accounts that utilize all of its features.

Show behind-the-scenes, give sneak-peaks of new products or share user-generated content.

Engage in trends, but also initiate your own.

Remember, authenticity rules.

Be genuine, personable and engaging.

Respond to comments quickly, initiate conversations, and create a community that values your presence.

Consistency paired with quality and engagement leads to steady, organic Instagram growth.

3. Harness the Power of Instagram Stories

Harnessing the power of Instagram Stories can significantly boost your organic reach and engagement.

Unlike standard Instagram posts, Stories appear at the top of followers’ feeds, so they’re often seen first.

Moreover, they offer a real-time, personal viewpoint that creates a sense of urgency and immediacy, making followers more likely to engage with your content.

To tap into this, post behind-the-scenes clips, polls, questionnaires, or teaser content.

This not only increases interaction but can also provide insight into what types of content resonate most with your audience.

Additionally, consistently featuring on Stories can enhance brand visibility, which in turn can attract new followers.

Furthermore, Instagram Stories provide an effortless way for followers to share your content, creating a ripple effect that can dramatically increase your organic reach.

Simply put, Instagram Stories are an engaging way to enhance your organic growth.

4. Use Follower Boost Google Chrome Extension

Following other targeted accounts is still a valid and working strategy to grow your audience on Instagram.

Once you follow an account, this account will be intrigued about your account and if your profile is attractive enough, it will drive a follow back.

This strategy has to be applied following specific parameters such as following accounts from your target audience and managing unfollows to keep your account under a healthy following/followers ratio.

You can apply these tactics manually or use an Instagram Growth Service that automates these and more actions to help you gain real and organic followers like Follower Boost.

Follower Boost has been in the Instagram Growth Service for more than five years today.

It’s a Google Chrome extension to help you automate follow and unfollow actions from accounts within your target audience.

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5. Pioneer Engaging Hashtag Activities

Mastering the art of hashtags is essential in driving organic growth on Instagram.

Hashtags aren’t merely about increasing visibility; they foster engagement and construct communities.

For actionable organic growth, create your unique brand-specific hashtag and drive its usage.

Encourage followers to use your hashtag in their content to boost user-generated content, a fantastic way for potential followers to witness genuine user interaction with your brand.

Furthermore, regularly conduct hashtag campaigns or contests which require usage of your hashtag.

This tactic will not only popularize your hashtag, but also trigger rampant interaction and engagement.

Also, don’t neglect popular trend hashtags.

Participate in trending hashtag activities relevant to your domain, thereby exposing your handle to a larger audience, promoting follower growth organically.

Remember, it’s not about ‘being seen’, it’s about ‘meaningfully interacting’ via the medium of hashtags.

Therefore, wield hashtags judiciously and innovatively, and witness your Instagram community bloom!

6. Collaborate with Influencers in Your Niche

Successful Instagram growth is not solely dependent on the quality of your content.

A vital aspect of organic growth involves leveraging the reach of influencers within your chosen niche.

Established influencers already possess a substantial and engaged audience, one that trusts their content and finds value in their suggestions, offering a huge potential for driving traffic to your account.

Yet, care needs to be exercised in selecting the right influencer to collaborate with.

Those that mirror your brand’s ethos and aesthetic are the most effective.

Begin by cross-promoting content, running shared promotions or simply asking for shout-outs.

Ensure mutual benefit for long-term partnerships.

Having a well-defined target audience and engaging content is the baseline.

Leveraging influencers’ foothold in your niche just ups your game.

7. Run Contests and Giveaways

Engaging with your followers is a surefire way to organically grow your Instagram profile.

Here’s a strategy that packs a punch: Run contests and giveaways.

These engage your audience, incite interaction, and draw attention to your profile.

Ideally, your competition should encourage followers to like your content, share it with their networks, and tag their friends.

These basic interactions significantly increase visibility and hence, potential follower growth.

Keep the contest rules simple and straightforward to maximize participation and keep your followers excited.

The reward or giveaway, while being desirable, should align with your brand or account theme.

A brand-specific incentive not only attracts the audience interested in your niche but also reinforces your brand identity.

In using contests and giveaways, you spur engagement, encourage shares, widen your reach, and organically grow your Instagram account, with your followers doing the promotional work for you.

Remember, the key to organic Instagram growth is active engagement.

8. Interact Regularly With Your Audience

One of the foremost strategies for genuine, organic Instagram growth is maintaining regular engagement with your followers.

Active interaction isn’t just about commenting back; it’s about cultivating relationships.

Share user-generated content in your stories.

This not only boosts their visibility but shows your followers that you value their efforts in creating content relevant to your brand.

Regularly ask for your audience’s input through polls, Q&A’s, or engaging captions, such as ‘Tag a friend who needs to see this’.

Creating content that encourages interaction can draw more attention to your Instagram profile, making you visible to potential new followers.

It’s also crucial to respond to comments and DMs swiftly to showcase that you are active and invested in your audience.

Neglecting your audience can lose you followers and reduce user engagement.

The principle is simple: the more interactive you are, the greater your organic growth will be.

9. Utilize User-Generated Content

Unlocking the potential of user-generated content (UGC) can significantly enhance your organic Instagram growth.

It’s not solely about publishing your content; leveraging your audience as content creators can instill a strong sense of community while saving you time and resources.

Furthermore, Instagram users typically appreciate seeing real people engaging with your brand as it implies authenticity, trust, and loyalty.

You can encourage UGC by hosting challenges or competitions, encouraging users to share pictures of your products, or creating a unique hashtag associated with your brand.

Whenever you share a user’s content, always ensure you duly credit them to foster goodwill.

Remember, UGC should align with your brand’s image and appeal to your target audience.

Effective utilization of UGC is a veritable nod to your consumers, acknowledging their power in enhancing your brand’s organic growth on Instagram.

10. Leverage Instagram Shopping Features

One practical tactic to expand your Instagram audience organically is leveraging Instagram shopping features.

Instagram has made significant headway in shaping itself into a potent e-commerce platform.

It allows businesses to tag their products in photos, stories, and explore feeds directly—connecting the audience to their online shop in just a few clicks.

This elevates the customer experience as the purchase journey is seamless.

Your content becomes shoppable and more engaging, which may potentially lead to greater organic reach, engagement and ultimately followers count.

Always remember, the key here is to balance your shoppable posts with engaging, non-promotional content.

Also, make sure the products align with your follower’s interests and desires.

It is paramount, as no one likes pushy and irrelevant sales pitches.

Take advantage of these innovative selling features, and merge social networking with e-commerce to organically grow your Instagram presence.

It not only strengthens your brand’s credibility but also nurtures the customer-brand relationship.

11. Explore Instagram’s Short Video Formats

Leveraging Instagram’s short-video formats can be a compelling method to sustainably expand your organic reach.

As a rapid-fire engagement tool, Instagram Reels and IGTV harness the power of personal and immediate connection – key elements in fostering audience growth.

However, merely creating a video is not sufficient; it should be designed to entertain and engage.

Your content should inspire likes, comments, saves, shares, and ideally, become viral.

Make use of catchy captions and relevant hashtags to get your content noticed and shared.

Try to engage with users who interact with your video by replying to their comments.

This will encourage further interaction, essentially boosting your visibility.

Remember, consistency is key.

Consistently uploading Reels and IGTV videos that resonate with your audience can significantly increase your profile’s organic reach and followers, thus driving real engagement.

Push your boundaries; delve into the world of short-videos.

Organic Instagram Growth Conclusion

In summary, organic Instagram growth is a composite of strategic planning and authentic engagement.

Ensuring your profile is top-notch and optimized, akin to a magnet, draws followers in and invites them to engage.

Crafting compelling and consistent content keeps followers sticking around for the long haul.

Harnessing Instagram Stories, collaborating with influencers, and pioneering engaging hashtags can entail major boosts to your organic reach.

Meanwhile, engaging with your audience and running contests propels interaction, amplifying visibility.

User-generated content and Instagram’s shopping and short-video formats tap further into authentic engagement, thus catalyzing organic growth.

Remember, Instagram is not a ‘post-and-done’ platform but a space for cultivating relationships and establishing your presence.

Stick to these strategies, be patient and consistent, you’ll witness your account flourish organically and sustainably.